Where Will Home Prices be in 5 Years?

That’s a big question, huh?

It’s hard enough to predict the value of a home even six months from now, much less several years. But quarterly, consulting firm Pulsenomics surveys over 100 researchers, professionals, and economists to get a handle on where the real estate market’s heading. And the good news is…the news is good!

The big data points are:

  • Cumulative home appreciation is expected to be 18.1% (!!!) by 2019
  • Home prices are up year-over-year in the Southeast by 6.12%
  • Even bear-ish minds speculate cumulative appreciation will be over 10% in the next five years

So, what does all this mean? It means smart investors are ready to buy homes NOW. Values aren’t going down any time soon and with inventory short and prices inching towards pre-bubble rates, the sooner buyers dig in, the better.

Take a look at this graph and think about what it means for your home search.

Pulsenomics graph 2015


Looking to buy? Now is the time. Hoping to sell? Talk to us about whether it’s smarter to take advantage of the current seller’s market or if your value could go even higher by holding for a while.

We’re ready to chat.

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