Welcome to the Team, Jen Fralin!

We are SO excited to announce the addition of Jen Fralin to the On the Move Charlotte team!

Welcome our new administrative assistant Jen Fralin!

Jen is a long time AT&T employee who decided to switch gears in her career instead of relocating out of Charlotte with her previous job. She loves all things social media and is invested in culture in and around Charlotte. Music is her passion, and she lives in and loves Cotswold. She is a phenomenal writer and is out and about on the Charlotte social scene!

Being involved in real estate in some form or fashion has always been a priority for Jen. She had joined KW and OTMC to be a part of something bigger and to help grow the team, the company, and herself in the process. She is passionate about being a good friend, and her loyalty and dedication to being there for others is admirable. We are very lucky to have her involved in our culture!

Not only is Jen wise beyond her years, she has already proven to be an asset to our team’s growth plan. We can’t wait to see what other wonderful things she brings to our team in the years to come!


Welcome to the Team, Chelsea Ashworth!

On the Move Charlotte is SO excited to officially announce our newest team member: Chelsea Ashworth!

KW2249204ASHWORTH6039EXTChelsea is a Charlotte native so she’s got a terrific understanding of the area. She’s seen Charlotte change and grow firsthand which offers her clients invaluable experience. As a Buyer Specialist, Chelsea will be working with On the Move Charlotte buyers to help them find the perfect home.

Thanks to her previous experience working with a local design and renovation firm, Chelsea has a fantastic eye for renovation. If you’re looking for a fixer-upper, she’s got the vision! Even if you have a hard time imagining that second story or wall-to-wall hardwood flooring, she can – and that expertise might just help you find a diamond in the rough.

If you’re looking at houses for sale in Charlotte we encourage you to give Chelsea a call! She’s excited to take on additional clients and become an integrated part of the cooperative On the Move Charlotte team.

Glad to have you, Chelsea!

KW Family Reunion 2016: What We Learned

Whew! After a whirlwind of a week in New Orleans, we’re back from the Keller Williams Family Reunionthe biggest gathering of KW associates of the year! You guys, there were over 15,000 associates there!

This breakout seated 550 people...and folks STILL spilled into the hallway!

This breakout seated 550 people…and folks STILL spilled into the hallway!

The Family Reunion conference is always a super-fun mix of training sessions, social events, and important company meetings. There were some great keynote speeches and, of course, KW CEO Gary Keller delivered an outstanding 2016 “Vision Speech.” Some of our favorite takeaways from that message were:

  • Buyers look for integrity and honesty, and 53% find an agent through referrals. Over 89% of buyers still use an agent to find a home.
  • 75% of college grads have at least $29,000 in student debt. That means first-time home buying is happening later in life – the rate’s around 32% when it should be 40%.
  • For every 1% the average mortgage rate increases, the average home price increases 10%!

In other great news, 2015 was a record breaking year for Keller Williams. Overall closed volume was up over 24% and KWRI now employs over 134,000 associates. That’s incredible! This is, of course, because Keller Williams offers such phenomenal training to all its associates. In fact, Training Magazine just named us the #2 training organization across all industries in the entire world. As Gary Keller says, “Real estate is all about opportunities.”

All the KW Southpark associates that attended Family Reunion 2016

All the KW Southpark associates that attended Family Reunion 2016

Per usual, the Keller Williams SouthPark office was well represented in New Orleans.

We can’t wait to put into action all the great things we learned for our clients, and continue developing the new bonds we formed this year at the Family Reunion. Events like this one prove once again that KW is a fabulous place to work!


Leigh Bryant Featured on the Cover of Top Agent Magazine!

Top Agent Magazine is the premiere real estate magazine in the U.S., featuring top agents all over the world.

That’s why we’re SO excited to announce that the December 2015 North Carolina edition of Top Agent Magazine features On the Move Charlotte’s very own Leigh Bryant on the cover! Not only that, the issue includes a full six-page spread on the team and their accomplishments, as well as an interview with Leigh herself.

Read Leigh’s feature by clicking on the cover below,
and check out this month’s NC Top Agent Magazine here!

Top Agent 1


Congratulations, Leigh!



Stanford Studies Keller Williams’ Unique “Culture”

Culture is a huge piece of the puzzle within the Keller Williams family.

At On the Move Charlotte we’re so proud to be part of an organization that places such importance on employees’ happiness and longevity – you can really feel the difference here. It’s no wonder Keller Williams has so many superlatives under its cap:

  • Largest real estate franchise in the world (over 115,000 employees)
  • Highest sales per office average of any large agency in the country
  • 98% of KW market centers are profitable

All that aside, what really makes Keller Williams special is the culture, as we can attest to firsthand. Among large companies, KW’s cultural model is so renowned the folks at Stanford University have actually studied it three separate times, the most recent of which was just a couple of months ago. So, what were their most interesting findings?

The four cultural practices of KW are critical to the company’s success. These include profit sharing for employees, involvement in decision making, open financial bookkeeping, and extensive leadership and agent training. Not only do these actions set KW apart among real estate firms, they set the company apart among all large corporations.

kw southpark

Not only do the four main tenants of Keller Williams’ philosophy impact what’s it’s like to work here, the incredible people do as well. From the KW Red Day campaign that gives back within the community each year to the national “Family Reunion” conference where we get to catch up with our favorite agents from across the country, we really value the emphasis Keller Williams places on teamwork and interpersonal generosity.


The Stanford study is a great quick read if you’re interested in how company culture affects the bottom line. Click here to read the full report!

And of course, if you want to learn more about working at Keller Williams we’d love to talk to you anytime. Contact us. 



Charlotte’s Experiencing a Commercial Real Estate Boom

Did you know that over one billion dollars in office building real estate sales occurred in Charlotte last year?

That’s a nearly 25% increase in sales from the same period the year before (2013.) And it’s not just office buildings in Charlotte that are attracting the attention of big time investors: industrial space, retail space, and apartment buildings are all being snapped up here at a record pace. And that’s great news for your property value if you’re a homeowner!

fifth third centerSo, what big sales helped the Queen City hit these record numbers? Let’s take a look.

The Fifth Third Center, an Uptown flagship building, went under contract in mid-July to sell for over $215,000,000. The deal set a new benchmark for per-square-foot office space pricing in Charlotte.

400 South Tryon, one of the…ahem…least attractive buildings in Uptown, sold in October for $61,000,000 to several adviser groups. At the time the building was 96% occupied.

Northlake Mall, one of our favorites in town, sold for a record $248,000,000 in December which marked the largest commercial real estate transaction of the year. The sale was part of an overall $1.7 portfolio building effort by Starwood.

allyIn May, the ever-troubled EpiCentre in Uptown Charlotte sold to a California investment group for an estimated $130,000,000. Since then construction work has started on a new attached hotel property.

The Ally Center office building in Uptown (recognizable by the huge “Ally” lettering across the top) sold to a UK company mid-year for $109,000,000. The building itself only stands 15 stories tall.


Although office buildings hit new records in terms of square footage pricing and big sales, the real winners in the Charlotte market were industrial and retail property owners. Retail sales totals for 2014 jumped to over a billion, up from a little over $500 million in 2013 while industrial properties hit $733 billion, up from $293 billion in 2013.

Northlake mall

Overall, Charlotte real estate had a banner year. 2014 real estate totals – including commercial, retail, and residential – hit well over $4.5 billion total, up over a billion from the year before.

What can we say? It’s good to live in a city on the move!



Recent Awards Prove Keller Williams is a Fantastic Place to Work

Why do we love working at Keller Williams?

At the risk of sounding cheesy, why wouldn’t we love working here? Keller Williams Realty is a truly progressive company and we are proud to be part of the KW team. The organization is growing all the time and late last year became the largest real estate company in the United States.

Keller Williams isn’t just philanthropic, family-oriented, and really, really successful within the real estate industry. Two recent awards prove what we’ve been saying for years…Keller Williams is an unbeatable place to work!

Inc. Magazine Honors Keller WilliamsRecent Awards Bring Honor to KW

Inc. Magazine recently named KW one of the top ten companies for employee financial security. And it’s not just because KW sets its agents up for success at an office level: the company offers unparalleled benefits, an amazing profit-sharing program, and much-needed financial support to employees facing hardships. Inc. goes on to reiterate that Keller Williams is also the #1 training organization in real estate, and the #2 training company in all industries.

As if that’s not enough, our home office, Keller Williams Southpark, was recently nominated by the Charlotte Business Journal as one of the best places to work in Charlotte! The nominees are chosen based on anonymous employee surveys so there’s no meaningless data here…KW Southpark’s own employees helped land it on the list. And don’t think it’s an anomaly! Last year KW Southpark was named the 6th best place to work in town.

Is a Career at KW Right for You?

Want to work for a company that’s regularly lauded for its friendly employee policies and philanthropic efforts? How about an office that regularly outperforms the area’s MLS? We love (love, love!) to talk about why why love working for Keller Williams. Call us today to find out more about what a career at KW can offer you!

Keller Williams Southpark employees


Mecklenburg County Rectifying Property Tax Mistakes

Did you know Mecklenburg County property owners are currently being refunded (and in some cases, billed) for incorrect property valuations from all the way back in 2011?

About 85% of homeowners won’t notice any changes at all, but so far over $16 million has been refunded. On the flip side, some current property owners are being charged back taxes based on incorrect assessments from 2011.

From our friends at Movement Mortgage:

“Mecklenburg County is in the process of reappraising all properties within the county for tax assessment purposes. The process has two objectives: value properties at current market prices, and equitably distribute the cost of local government among the property owners.   If residents own a home undervalued during Mecklenburg County’s revaluation mistake in 2011, they will need to get ready to pay up.  This means the person who owns the property now has to pay the  back taxes according to a state law if there is no agreement in place.   In case of a refund, it will go to the new owner.

Mecklenburg county appraisers have been reassessing property values after mistakes were found in a review in 2011 and so far they have found over 100,000 cases of overpayments and the county is getting ready to issue refunds. They are also sending tax bills to thousands of homeowners for back taxes from 2011, 2012 and 2013.”

What does all this mean for you?

Well, nothing yet if you haven’t received word from the county. But be prepared for a letter regarding your current and past property tax payments and also know your appellate rights in the case you disagree with your assessment.

It’s important to note that ONLY the Mecklenburg County Tax Office will have specific answers about your property and your rights!

Contact the county for more information.