Thinking of Selling? You’re Not Alone.

Who’s thinking about selling their home?

Well, not everyone, but our friends at Fairway Mortgage passed along a recent Lending Tree survey that showed some surprising data.

They found that 71% of people who took the survey were considering selling their home in 2014.
That’s more than 2 out of every 3 homeowners.

Other statistics support an upswing for sellers, too…January’s new home sales hit a five-year high and existing home sales numbers are up, too. What does it all mean? Now is the time to sell. As the market sees more and more homes for sale, sellers will enjoy less benefits from a low inventory market. Essentially, the longer you wait to sell your home, the more competition you’re likely to have.

springIf you’re considering selling your home, don’t wait. Spring is the BEST time to sell your home (Did you know that over 60% of all moves take place during the summer?) Tax refund checks spur home buyers and many families hope to relocate while the kids are out of school to avoid disruption.

When you’re ready to talk more about what it means to sell your home, call Charlotte’s listing specialists, Leigh Bryant and Michelle Duyck.



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