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Here are a few stats to prove why KW Southpark is the best choice if you’re looking to sell your home in Charlotte.



Let’s look at it holistically:


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3 Reasons Now is the Time to Sell Your Home in Charlotte

No, really, NOW!

Charlotte is experiencing one of the hottest “seller’s markets” it’s been through in a long time. Buyers are in the market – but there aren’t enough houses to buy! If you’ve been considering selling your home – maybe it’s too big since the kids left home, or maybe you really do want to live in that other neighborhood – now is the time to make the push. Economically, Charlotte sellers are in one of the best positions they’ve been in for years thanks to inventory concerns and rock-bottom mortgage interest rates.

Reason #1: Buyers Have Very Limited Options

Inventory is painfully, woefully low. The inventory of homes for sale in Charlotte is down 17.9% from this time last year for several reasons. Builders can’t build homes fast enough in CLT to keep up with demand, and some individual sellers are trying to “wait out” the market until they think we’ve reached the optimal time to sell. (Hint: Now is that time.)

low inventory charlotte

Reason #2: Sellers Are Getting More of Their Asking Price

Already this year, homes are selling for an average of 5% more than they did in 2015. Sellers are getting about 96.5% of their original listing price, too, which is up nearly 2% over last year. If you’ve been waiting to sell your house until you think the market value is at its highest, now may just be that time.

Reason #3: You Can Time Your Sale

One of the worst parts of selling your home is the unknown. How long will it sit on the market? A month? A year? What about my kids’ school and my job and the holidays? In a seller’s market like Charlotte’s, homes are selling 15% faster in 2016 than they did in 2015, in an average of 78 days (or way less, depending on what neighborhood you’re in.) For sellers, that means more predictability around moving dates, and less dependency on market seasonality.


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Why Does Having a Team of Realtors Pay Off? Ask the Witherspoons.

Sometimes two Realtors are better than one.
And sometimes…nothing beats a whole team.

Amy and Brandon Witherspoon were longtime Providence Plantation residents and loved their neighborhood. They lived at 3501 Brushy Lane for years and though they liked their home, they always had their eyes on their ‘dream home’ up the street – 2403 Beaucatcher Lane. In September of last year, fate stepped in.
The Witherspoons sold 3501 Brushy Lane...

The Witherspoons sold 3501 Brushy Lane…

...and moved right into 2403 Beaucatcher Lane!

…and moved right into 2403 Beaucatcher Lane!

When Beaucatcher Lane came on the market, the Witherspoons decided quickly to do what it took to make the move. They contacted the team at On the Move Charlotte (smart move!) and quickly went to work. Through a highly coordinated effort of prep work, research, showings, inspections, and more, the Witherspoons closed on the sale of their old home and closed on the purchase of their new home back-to-back, literally on the same day.

The transaction was a true team effort! Leigh Bryant, with a wealth of experience in the Providence Plantation neighborhood, served as the Witherspoons’ seller’s agent and worked diligently through several marketing channels to get Brushy Lane sold quickly. Mary Sessoms, OTMC’s buyer’s specialist, represented the Witherspoons throughout the complicated process of making an offer, negotiating a contract, and setting up follow-up appointments on what would be their new home. It was no small feat!
FullSizeRender (3)

We’re thrilled to say that the Witherspoons love their new home. The smiles on their faces are what make all the hard work worth it!


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Tips for Ensuring a Favorable Home Appraisal

Appraisals are big business in the real estate industry, referenced by both lenders and homebuyers as a benchmark for a property’s “true” value. Recently, however, as reported by Reuters, homeowners are having a difficult time obtaining what they believe to be a fair estimate for the value of their home from California to Florida.


A low appraisal can impact a homeowner in several ways. In many cases, homeowners seeking a refinance are denied when a bank-ordered appraisal comes up short. Other homeowners looking to sell find resistance from the market when they list their homes above its appraised value.

If you’re going to undergo an inspection by an official licensed appraiser in the near future, here are a few suggestions for ensuring you get the very best appraisal value possible for your home.


One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when ordered to get an appraisal is to choose an appraiser who doesn’t have intimate knowledge of their specific neighborhood. If you’re able to choose your own appraiser, select one who’s based no more than 10-miles away from your home and preferably living in your community. If the bank is selecting the appraiser specifically request they send a local licensee.


Before the appraiser ever arrives at your home, take some time to pull records concerning every upgrade or renovation you’ve made to the house. Include receipts from home improvement stores and estimates for work done on the house and before-and-after pictures, if possible. It’s also smart to reference local comparables in the neighborhood you think the appraiser should be made aware of. Ask your real estate broker to help identify three solid comps near your home and be sure they find the right hands.


Just like homebuyers, appraisers are human beings and often have a hard time seeing past a home that’s cluttered, dirty, or overgrown. Present your home to an appraiser the same way you would to the open market to get the best results. Never follow the appraiser around while they’re in your home unless specifically requested – appraisers say not being allowed space to properly inspect the home is a surefire sign the owner has something to hide.


If you’re in a situation like as a refinance where you’re forced to work with an appraiser not of your choosing, shell out a few hundred dollars and get an appraisal of your own. You’ll likely have more control over the selected licensee and can lobby against a bad appraisal with a higher one if necessary.

Don’t be afraid to get directly involved in your home appraisal. Many homeowners don’t understand that an appraisal happens with them, not to them, and may underestimate the impact pointed questions and suggestions can have on the appraisal outcome.

If you’re looking for a qualified appraiser in your area or just have questions about whether or not you need a home appraisal, call Leigh Bryant’s team at Keller Williams Southpark to speak about your options.

Spring Selling Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Everyone knows Spring is the “best” time to sell a home.

spring houseWell, statistics actually vary from place to place but in Charlotte the spring selling season tends to be the most active and houses generally get snapped up more quickly than in other seasons. But just because spring is a good time to sell doesn’t mean there aren’t mistakes to be made. Don’t be the kind of seller that overestimates the selling power of the season and inadvertently talks yourself out of a sale.

Here are a few of the most common mistakes spring sellers make. Avoid them when you can.

Banking on the “Spring” Push

Yes, spring is generally a good time to be a seller! But if you live in one of Charlotte’s popular neighborhoods like Dilworth or Plaza Midwood you know that homes haven’t lasted long on the market for months now. In fact, bidding wars are breaking out all across town and have been since back in 2014 because inventory has been historically low. Since so many sellers wait until spring to put their homes on the market you may actually be competing with more homes now, not less…that means your dream of an overnight, all-cash, full ask offer may be out of touch with reality.

Money in hand

Refusing an Open House

Open houses are one of the best things you can do to get your home sold quickly. Spring is actually one of the best times of year to hold open houses since the weather’s nice and your home’s likely to get better light. Don’t forget to consider “off” days like Saturdays or even weeknights (thanks, daylight savings time!) that might lure buyers who otherwise wouldn’t visit open houses. Foot traffic is essential to selling your home fast and for a great price so it’s important to have an open mind.

Putting Off Repairs

Another side effect of a low-inventory market is that all too many sellers leave small fixes on the table for buyers to deal with. One or two tiny home repairs usually aren’t a big deal but given the choice between a move-in-ready home and one that needs a little TLC, most buyers will take the home that’s good to go, even if it costs a bit more. NAR put out a useful fact sheet on cost vs. resale statistics last year that’s a worthwhile read if you’re selling and trying to decide how much time and money to put in. Don’t let your rush to get your home on the market “in spring” leave you listing it before it’s ready.

home repair


Always a peril for sellers, overpricing can be particularly tempting in the spring season when homes are “flying off the market.” Don’t get greedy with your asking price lest you risk alienating buyers who look at a house once then immediately discount it or consider it. You don’t want to be the only house in your neighborhood that’s reducing, reducing, reducing…listen to your agent’s advice on pricing to get offers on your home within the first few weeks. They know what they’re talking about!


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14 Things You Should Always Tell Your Agent

Hiring a real estate agent is a big decision.

We’ve talked before about why you need a real estate agent and given you plenty of advice about how to choose the right agent, when to sell/buy, and what the Charlotte market is like. Once you pick an agent, though, what should you discuss? Here are 14 things you should always, always tell your real estate agent whether you’re a seller or a buyer.

stucco house

  1. Be upfront about whether or not you’re planning to update any aspect of your home. Adding a porch? Fixing the gutters? Having the fireplace serviced next week? Tell your Realtor.
  2. Tell your Realtor why you want to buy or sell. Need more space? Downsizing after the kids left the nest? They need to know these things to serve you well.
  3. Are you just starting to look for homes or have you been looking for a while? How many houses have you been shown…and are you under contract with another Realtor?exhausted
  4. Likewise, sellers should disclose whether or not the home’s been listed recently (as in, anytime in the last year) and what happened. If you couldn’t get any interest, say so.
  5. Tell your agent your concerns about the area. Are you worried about the new middle school going in, or have you noticed neighbors’ homes selling for less than usual?
  6. Your agent should know about your past experience with Realtors. If you prefer to work with a team rather than a single agent, say so. If you’ve only had negative Realtor experiences, tell them why.
  7. Along the same vein, tell your agent if you have a preferred method of communication. Hate checking voicemails but read your email constantly? Let them know how best to get in touch with you.
  8. Similarly, be upfront about how often you want to stay in communication. Some clients like weekly check-ins…some prefer only to be bothered when there’s news to share.
  9. Talk to your agent about your dealbreakers, buying or selling. As a seller, do you have a bottom-line price? As a buyer, would you never consider a single-story home or a house with a pool?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  10. Your agent should know what you expect from them. If you chose them because you liked the way they marketed listings via Facebook, tell them that’s important to you.
  11. Be honest about marketing hurdles they may face. If you’re absolutely opposed to having an open house be upfront about it. If your neighborhood has outlawed For Sale signs they need to know that, too.
  12. Tell them what your #1 priority is when it comes to your transaction. Do you need to be in a new house within the month? Or is it imperative you get a certain price for your home to satisfy your mortgage debt? Knowing where they have wiggle room gives agents room to work for you.
  13. Be clear about whether you’re interviewing other Realtors, and also talk about how you plan to make your decision.
  14. Talk to your agent about mortgage issues you’re facing. If you’ve been denied pre-approval, they should know that (and they also may have some resources available to help you navigate the current problems.)


All real estate agents are not created equal. Every great client/Realtor relationship begins with dialogue and it’s as important for you to be as upfront and honest as you expect your agent to be. Good agents will use your honesty to more effectively, efficiently market your home.

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6 Surprising Things that Can Make Your Home Harder to Sell

houseYou’re ready to sell…but how long will it take?

Everyone’s heard horror stories about a friend or family member’s house sitting, sitting, sitting on the market for months and years at a time. But how can you predict whether or not your home will take a long time to sell? There are certain factors that may cause your home to languish on the market longer than you want because some features take a special buyer to appreciate! What can you do? Keep these factors in mind when buying your home and when it’s time to sell, make sure you work with a Realtor with lots of experience selling homes in your area.

1. Train Tracks too Close to the House.

Maybe you find train horns soothing, or maybe you didn’t even notice the tracks a block away when you were swooning over the granite countertops. While some buyers won’t mind the noise (or possibly even a traffic-hampering railroad crossing) your house may sit on the market for a while waiting for that special buyer.

pool2. The Pool.

Who doesn’t want a pool!? Well, as it turns out, many buyers aren’t all that interested with the monthly maintenance, the safety ramifications, or the costs that come with a pool, particularly in moderate to cool parts of the country. Many buyers immediately discount a home with a pool if they’ve got young kids or don’t want to spend the $10,000+ to remove it (permit required!)

3. Your 80s Sense of Style.

You’ve heard before that buyers have a hard time looking past design (i.e. paint colors, wallpaper, teal carpeting, etc.) but what you may not realize is what they’re inferring based on your outdated taste. Your old appliances, 80s era stereo set, and old-school box air conditioners might be implying you don’t keep up with your home’s maintenance requirements, or worse.

4. Rental Properties Near By.

Particularly if you live in a popular, walkable neighborhood, you’re likely to have some renters nearby. That may not seem like a big deal to you (especially if the renters are quiet!) but some potential buyers might worry about the potential for peace and quiet, whether or not the landlords will keep up their properties, and how the neighborhood will hold its values.

5. You Don’t Have a Laundry Room.

Maybe you don’t mind bringing in the clothes from downstairs or from the garage. But many buyers turn their wants into musts once they actually start looking. Same goes for things like a garage, lots of closet space, and a patio.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA6. Your Neighbor’s Yard.

Even if you spend ever weekend creating a meticulous oasis in your own yard, buyers are going to notice your neighbors’ yards too. It speaks volumes about your neighborhood if your neighbors aren’t maintaining their properties. Even if it means you have to mow their yard yourself (ask first, of course!) do what you can to spruce up your street before you go on the market.

Is your house taking longer to sell than you anticipated? Maybe it’s time to reconsider your listing price, make some updates, or even find a broker better suited to your needs.

Talk to On the Move Charlotte today about selling your home!

Thinking of Selling? You’re Not Alone.

Who’s thinking about selling their home?

Well, not everyone, but our friends at Fairway Mortgage passed along a recent Lending Tree survey that showed some surprising data.

They found that 71% of people who took the survey were considering selling their home in 2014.
That’s more than 2 out of every 3 homeowners.

Other statistics support an upswing for sellers, too…January’s new home sales hit a five-year high and existing home sales numbers are up, too. What does it all mean? Now is the time to sell. As the market sees more and more homes for sale, sellers will enjoy less benefits from a low inventory market. Essentially, the longer you wait to sell your home, the more competition you’re likely to have.

springIf you’re considering selling your home, don’t wait. Spring is the BEST time to sell your home (Did you know that over 60% of all moves take place during the summer?) Tax refund checks spur home buyers and many families hope to relocate while the kids are out of school to avoid disruption.

When you’re ready to talk more about what it means to sell your home, call Charlotte’s listing specialists, Leigh Bryant and Michelle Duyck.



Can You Sell Your Home in 2 Days in This Market? (Answer: Yes.)

red lion 3It’s absolutely essential to put your best foot forward.

We fully intended to show off our new listing at 7013 Red Lion when it went active last week…but two days later it was under contract! It’s a fabulous house to begin with but the owners went above and beyond to make their home more marketable and the effort paid off.

Want to sell your house in a matter of days, not months? Here are a few tips from On the Move Charlotte for making the best impression right off the bat.

red lion 1Tip 1: Stage Your Home

If your home’s not currently occupied like Red Lion you should absolutely stage. Spending a little money to show potential buyers how to use the space goes a long way, particularly if you have rooms or a floor plan that are somewhat ambiguous. If your home’s already got furniture, pare it down! Think clean lines and simple, sparse stuff so buyers can see the bones of your home.

Tip 2: Select a Good Pricing Plan

All to many sellers want to put their home on the market at a price they know is likely unattainable. Their hope is that an interested buyer will “make an offer” and negotiations will ensue but in reality, an incorrect pricing structure may turn off potential buyers before they ever even get a chance to fall in love with your home. It’s crucial to listen to your broker’s advice about pricing your home – they know best what the market will bear and their end goal is the same as yours…to sell your home fast!

red lion 2Tip 3: Professional Photos Are a Must

One of the best things you can do for your home before you put it on the market is to work with your Realtor to have professional photos taken. They’ll present your home in its best light (literally and figuratively), show off the space, and generally make things look clean and organized. Your listing photos are the only first impression you’ll ever get to make!

Tip 4: Plan Thoughtfully

Before your home ever hits the market it’s important to have a plan. It all starts with finding the right listing agent then letting them take the reigns in terms of open houses, your online presences, and how showings and pricing will go. It’s important to have a plan for the long run as well as the short term and stick to it in case emotions or concerns pop up.


Leigh Bryant, Realtor®



Want more tips on how to sell your home quickly? Contact Leigh Bryant, listing specialist at On the Move Charlotte, to talk about your house.