Keller Williams Southpark Outperforms the Charlotte MLS

…it really is that simple!

On the Move Charlotte’s home office, Keller Williams Southpark, has put together some startling statistics from May 2013 to May 2014. The stats really highlight some of the ways in which our (admittedly awesome!) KW office vastly outperforms the general Charlotte real estate market. Here are a few examples:

kw southpark office


  • In May 2014 the Charlotte MLS sold 19.5% fewer listing units than they did in May 2013.
  • During that same period, the Keller Williams Southpark office sold over 41% more listing units than they had in May 2013.
  • That’s a difference of 60.8% between the CMLS and KW Southpark.


  • During May 2014, the CMLS took nearly 2% fewer listings than they did during the same period in 2013.
  • Keller Williams Southpark took over 56% more listings in May 2014 than they did in May 2013.


Take a look at the whole chart here.


So, what is this data saying? It’s telling us that as a whole, the Charlotte real estate market has slowed down slightly between 2013-2014. On the other hand, our fabulous Keller Williams office has outperformed on nearly every metric: listings, closings, written listings, etc. We’re not slowing down anytime soon!

kw southpark

What does that mean for you, our client? It means when you work with On the Move Charlotte you’re getting the best of the best. The numbers don’t lie! We’re part of one of Charlotte’s most productive offices and we think that’s worth considering.



Call us today to find out more about how Keller Williams Southpark and On the Move Charlotte can help you meet your real estate goals. 

Quick Take: Team Dynamic Comes Through Big for the Fede Family

How cute are these two?

Fede and key pic

Jim and Erin Fede are some of On the Move Charlotte’s most recently satisfied clients, and we’re so happy they’re happy!

Last month, Jim and Erin worked with Leigh to list their gorgeous home in Stonehaven…as she was finding the right buyer they found the perfect next house in Pineville with Michelle, who acted as their buyer’s agent. Of course, the On the Move Charlotte assistants worked tirelessly to ensure all the Is were dotted and the Ts were crossed – it was a whole team effort.

The Fedes say they couldn’t be more thrilled with the process and that they’ll never go back to working with an individual agent again (And why would they? They got a whole team of brokers and office assistants for the same price!)

Congrats on your home sale and your new house, Jim and Erin!


Too Many Open Houses to Count: June 21-22

Looking for a new home?

This is your weekend. The On the Move Charlotte team is holding a plethora of open houses this weekend and we know these great homes are worth an in-person look. Come out on Saturday or Sunday (or both!) and visit us at one of these terrific properties…

2221 Mermans Road

2221 Mermans Road

Saturday, June 21 –  2:00-4:00pm
$429,000  4BR/4BA

Located in the desirable neighborhood of Canterbury Place, this home is immaculate and feels brand new. Main-floor master has its own sitting room, there’s a sunny morning room to enjoy, and the main floor is all hardwood (except master.) You’re going to love this all-brick gem.


6216 garamond court6216 Garamond Court

Saturday, June 21 –  10:00am – 1:00pm
$315,000  4BR/3.5BA

Three bathroom homes in Providence Commons are hard to find, and this property has a pool to boot. With upgrades such as high-end appliances, hardwood floors, and a covered outdoor porch you won’t believe the value you can get in this location.


11916 Chelton Ridge Lane11916 Chelton

Sunday, June 22 –  2:00-4:00pm
$173,500  2BR/2.5BA

Fabulous 2 bedroom townhome in the Stonecrest/Ballantyne area with plenty of room to move around at nearly 2,000 square feet. An updated kitchen, gas log fireplace, and even a sunny back deck make this home a perfect fit for any lifestyle. The main-floor office is highly flexible and could even be used as a bonus room!


3332 Mountainbrook Road3332 Mountainbrook Road

Sunday, June 22 –  1:00-3:00pm
$415,000  4BR/3BA

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more private home in the Southpark area than this one. A screened in porch and three skylights bring the outdoors in and the home has all kinds of amazing upgrades (Cararra marble, anyone?) A fenced-in yard, sprinkler system, and a new roof in 2013 make this a true find.


Porch - Screened6816 Rea Croft Drive

Sunday, June 22 –  2:00-4:00pm
$409,000  5BR/3.5BA

Three words: Fireplace. On. Porch. This home is gorgeous – all brick, located in the heart of Reacroft, and priced to move having been recently reduced. Amazing open floor plan and a kitchen that stretches right into the great room, this charmer has to be seen in person.


9446 nugget hill9446 Nugget Hill Road

Sunday, June 22 –  2:00-4:00pm
$259,000  4BR/2.5BA

This fantastic home is located in Mint Hill and has a huge lot you’ll love. It’s recently reduced but rest assured you’e getting a lot for your money with this home: a private wooded yard, gorgeous hardwood floors, and even a rec room/office that has its own entrance.



Of course, if you’ve got questions about any of these homes or would like to see them privately give us a call any time.




Who is the typical REALTOR?

realtorsThe average REALTOR may not be who you think.

Everybody knows a REALTOR or two (and in our case, about 5,000!) but really, who is the typical REALTOR?

You’ll probably be surprised just how diverse and varied the pool of REALTORs in the U.S. really is, and we’re so proud to be a part of this amazing industry! Remember, not every real estate agent is a REALTOR – only those who are members of the National Association of Realtors can claim the title.

Recently the NAR put together a profile of the typical REALTOR in 2013. Here are a few of the points we found the most interesting.

  • 82% of Realtors say they are very likely to stay in the field for at least 2 years
  • The typical Realtor has 12 years experience
  • Only 12% of Realtors have a real estate blog (like this one!) and 61% of Realtors are using social media
  • The typical agent closed 12 transactions in 2013, up from only 10 in 2011
  • The “average” Realtor is a 56-year old female who owns a home (57% are female)
  • 78% of Realtors say real estate is their only occupation
  • Realtors reported earning 21% of their business from repeat clients and 21% from referrals
  • Vehicle expenses are the #1 reported expense of Realtors
  • 86% of Realtors own their own residence

There you have it! That’s what your typical real estate agent looks like, in a nutshell, and some of those numbers might surprise you. Our biggest takeaways?


Realtors are feeling optimistic about the industry, more so than at any point in the last two years.


Social media and real estate content are upward marketing trends in the industry because they help sell houses.


Owning is a better investment than renting, as 86% of Realtors can vouch for.

What surprised you about these stats?

Top 5 Tips for Sellers from a Charlotte Staging Pro

staged home

Room staged by Creative Home Stagers

Just the word “staging” strikes fear in the hearts of so many sellers.

Having a professional stager come to your home is actually less expensive than you probably think, but many homes can reap huge benefits from just a few simple updates! We asked our friend Carol Smith at Creative Home Stagers, one of Charlotte’s premiere staging companies, to give us her top 5 tips for sellers from a stager’s perspective.

Here’s what she had to say:

1. Make a plan

Don’t jump blindly into home staging. Make a list and prioritize between what is necessary and what is a dream. You may want to focus on a central room in the house such as the kitchen instead of the master bathroom.

2. Small updates can make big differences

Start small – painting your second bathroom a neutral color and adding some nice touches such as rolled up towels and nice candles can make a big difference. You don’t have to gut the entire house to make it suitable for sale.

neutral3. Keep it clean!

It’s always a good idea to keep your house clean, but when you are in the middle of selling a house, you should go through every nook and cranny with a toothbrush if you have to. Potential buyers will notice little spots of dirt that you’ve grown not to notice any more. A big spring cleaning is necessary.

4. Stay neutral

It is difficult for a man to walk into a master bedroom filled with ruffles and an excessive amount of flowery pillows and imagine it as part of his future bachelor pad. Try and keep your decorative additions gender neutral so you don’t polarize potential buyers.

5. Pack it up

Moving out furniture that crowds a room can really help potential buyers visualize their own furniture in a house. Simple is better than cluttered in the staging game and that extra chest of drawers you keep in your small office space is not helping.


Carol Smith of Creative Home Stagers

Staging your home for sale doesn’t have to be daunting. You’ve already made the big decision to put your house on the market; simplify the task of staging by following these tips. For more home staging tips from our friends at Creative Home Stagers, visit their blog here:

How Big of a House Do You Really Need?

mansionEverybody wants a bigger house.

Particularly if your family is currently bursting at the seams it can be tempting to start looking for a bigger home. Statistics say the average home size is actually on the rise after stagnating during the recession; the average new single-family home in America is now just over 2,700 square feet.

Question is, how big of a house do you really needBigger isn’t necessarily better when you think about some of the downsides to having a bigger home, and you could just be misusing the space you do have rather than in need of more square footage. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

Am I maximizing the space I have?

Of course you probably think you are, but are you really? Have you considered the impact a new closet shelving system would have on your storage situation and are there rooms in your home you don’t use as often as you should? Maybe you’ve got a formal living room that would actually be better used as a playroom for the kids…”highest and best use” is one of the key tenants of real estate and it applies to your home, too!

kids roomIs my situation going to change anytime soon?

Maybe you’ve got two teenagers that are making your home feel…crowded. Does it really make sense to upsize if they’re off to college in another two years? Or perhaps you work from home and feel you need more space. Is there a chance you’ll get a new job or even rent a commercial office space? Don’t buy a bigger home for the “right now,” buy one because it makes sense for the kind of life you want in 3, 5, and even 10 years.

Can I live where I want to and have a bigger home?

Location versus size is often a tough mental battle when it comes to buying a home and in some cases it’s a choice you have to make. If you love a certain neighborhood but it’s full of older, smaller homes you may have to adjust your size expectations. In some cases having a larger home may mean living farther out from a city or deeper within a neighborhood. What’s more important to you and your family is all that matters.


Do I have time to maintain a bigger home?

Bigger houses mean more work! More dusting, more decorating, more money to run the air conditioning…with all that space comes increased responsibility and you’ve got to ask yourself if the trade off is worth it to you. For many people, it is! But don’t jump into a bigger home blindly without realizing it’s going to mean more work. It is.


There are plenty of reasons to buy a bigger home. Maybe you had a new baby or your mom’s moving in or perhaps you’ve just accumulated a lot of stuff over the years! There’s no bad reason to buy a bigger home, just un-thought-out ones. Make sure you know what you’re getting into before you upsize.


Contact On the Move Charlotte today to talk about your need for a bigger home. We can help walk you through it!


Tips for Winning a Bidding War Here in Charlotte

bidding war

Yes, we’re back here again.

Thanks to historically-low levels on inventory in the greater Charlotte area and plenty of people who’ve been waiting longer than they’d planned to buy a home thanks to the mortgage crisis, some area’s are experiencing a boom in bidding wars. From south Charlotte to Dilworth to Lake Norman, multiple offers on a home are not uncommon in today’s market. In fact, some homes have been receiving as many as 3, 5, and even 8 offers in their first weekend on the market. Those homes, of course, are highly desirable and priced below market to solicit such a response but…still!
Are you mentally and financially prepared to handle a bidding war? If you’re thinking of buying a home you’ve to be aware of these tips for dealing with multiple offer situations in the Charlotte area.

Get Your Lender Ready

The fastest way to kill your chances of winning a bidding war are to take to long to prove to the sellers you’ve got the cash. Of course, you should have your pre-approval letter in hand before you ever make an offer and also have all the paperwork available filled out and ready to file. Your lender should be aware of your situation and be ready to get you approval as fast as humanly possible…you literally should have your lender on speed dial.

Show Them the Money


If you and another buyer bid the same amount on a home but you’ve got more of a down payment in hand things should look pretty good. Of course, that’s not taking into account that some buyers are all-cash. If you can’t come up with more than the standard 20% down payment in hand, consider forking over a larger chunk of earnest money than is typical to show you’re really serious and ready to buy.

Get Rid of Your Contingencies

If you really, really want a home you may have to forgo your own safety nets to get it. For example, consider having an inspector inspect the home before you write an offer so the offer itself won’t be contingent on the inspection results. Your broker can help you find out which ways the seller’s most motivated – do they need a fast close? To leave their furniture behind? The shorter the time frame you suggest between offer and closing, the better your chances will be.

Consider an “Escalation Clause”

nervousYou may want to consider an Escalation Clause which is essentially an addendum to your offer that authorizes your agent to offer X amount above the purchase price. It’s a smart way to wage a bidding war but it can really cost you. Be sure you’re willing to live with the consequences if the buyer makes you pay the full amount. You should always consult a real estate attorney for questions regarding legal documents in your transaction.

Know Your Limits

The most important thing to keep in mind when it’s time to start bidding on homes is to know exactly how high you’re willing to go before the negotiation becomes a pressure cooker. Ask yourself, will I kick myself for not spending that extra 10k to get the house if someone else did? It’s difficult to see past the matter of principle when it comes to bidding wars (“I will NOT pay over asking price! It’s the principle!”) and recognize the various outcomes you might face. Be comfortable with ever number before the bidding ever starts.

New Team Sample 2


Do you have questions about how multiple offer situations work? If you’re considering buying a home (or are a seller who hopes to start a bidding war of your own!), give us a call.

We’d love to talk to you about your options in the Charlotte market.

What to Do When You and Your Spouse Disagree During House Hunting

Every episode of HGTV’s “House Hunters” starts off the same way.

House HuntersThe wife wants one thing…the husband wants the opposite. Three houses later, they find the perfect match! Let’s be real: that’s not how real-life house hunting works. Of course, the conflict drama on House Hunters is played up for TV but it’s actually more common than you might think that spouses have a really (really) difficult time agreeing during a house search.

We’ve helped hundreds of couples find a home they both can love over the years, but it’s not always easy. Some couples could have saved themselves lots of bickering and months of searching by laying it all out in the open from day one. Here are some tips for couples embarking on the house hunting process who are destined to see things differently.

Do Some List-Making Separately

Before you hash it out at the kitchen table, make some lists separately. Write down what you want in a home, what your dream home would look like, and where it would be. Jot down some absolute requirements as well as some nice-to-haves and even spend time online looking at floor plans and interior shots if you’re a visual person. Once you know what you want you can have a constructive conversation with your spouse about compromising.

house hunting Discuss Priorities

Next step is to sit together and discuss priorities. For the moment, leave location out of the equation and just talk “house.” If you must have a big, fenced-in backyard for the dog to play in, make that a priority. If your spouse has to have that fourth bedroom to set up a pool table or an office, add that to the list. Don’t be greedy! This is the point you truly decide what your future home has to have and what you can both agree to wiggle on.

Consider Your Requests

Once you come together you can discuss whether or not any of your “musts” are set in stone. Maybe one of your have-to-haves is a big master closet…that doesn’t mean you have to nix any house without one! You may be able to find a home that’s under budget and has room to extend a small master closet – it might take a little more work but there’s usually a way to make changes. Focus on big, immovable items like lot size, home size (even then: addition!), and school district and don’t get caught up in things like hardwood floors, granite countertops, or landscaping.

walkingTalk Location

Location is often the most difficult part of the house hunting process for couples. In many cases, one spouse wants land and interstate access (Ballantyne!) while the other prefers to be in the middle of things, walking distance to their favorite coffee shop (Dilworth!) This is the point you need to decide your parameters: maybe you can agree to look in a ‘neutral’ location or one person can give up their dream location if they get more of their “house” needs met. It’s a compromise and you really shouldn’t look until you know where you want to live.

Bring in Your Realtor

Hold on…a Realtor hasn’t been involved the whole time? It’s always better to work out some of the stickiest issues before you bring in the pros – that way they’ll have a clear, focused vision when searching for your perfect home. Of course, you’re never going to have it all sorted out until you find the right home for your family, but it’s not a good idea to rely on your Realtor to be your mediator. Let them focus on meeting the requirements you bring to the table – you might be surprised what kind of compromises they’ll find you!

Be Prepared to Compromise

It seems so simple but remember, every single house search takes some compromising whether or not you and your partner are on the same page. Most often seen in first-time home buyers, it’s easy to get caught up in waiting for the “perfect” home and being unwilling to “settle.” No house is perfect. The trick to finding the right home for your family is knowing what’s a must and what’s negotiable, and focusing on the positives. In today’s market you have to be able to jump on a great home when you see it or you may risk losing it all together.

And above all else…have fun! Most couples only undergo the house hunting process a handful of times in their life and it’s an experience you’ll miss once it’s gone. The more you enjoy the process the happier you’ll be when you finally find somewhere to call home.



Ready to start house hunting? Call Mary Sessoms and the On the Move Charlotte team to find out how you can get started!

What’s Up in Real Estate for April 2014?

Did you know the average home price in April is projected to be about $406,000?

That’s a 10.1% increase over this time last year.

That means it’s still a seller’s market, no bones about it. If you’re a seller thinking of listing your home? Now’s the time. This wave won’t last forever. If you’re a buyer, you should know that in this kind of market, what’s online today may not be there tomorrow – that’s why it’s critical to rely on the up-to-the-minute information and data only a license real estate broker can provide.

Watch the video below for Keller Williams’ full rundown of the April 2014 real estate market.