Leigh Bryant Featured on the Cover of Top Agent Magazine!

Top Agent Magazine is the premiere real estate magazine in the U.S., featuring top agents all over the world.

That’s why we’re SO excited to announce that the December 2015 North Carolina edition of Top Agent Magazine features On the Move Charlotte’s very own Leigh Bryant on the cover! Not only that, the issue includes a full six-page spread on the team and their accomplishments, as well as an interview with Leigh herself.

Read Leigh’s feature by clicking on the cover below,
and check out this month’s NC Top Agent Magazine here!

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Congratulations, Leigh!



Is This the Best Backyard in Charlotte?

Spring weather has officially arrived in Charlotte! All over town, from Dilworth to Stonehaven, families are walking, jogging, and hosting backyard barbecues…is your backyard party-ready or is it time for an upgrade?


It’s been a long time since On the Move Charlotte has seen a backyard quite as special as 3511 Providence Manor Road. Recently featured in SouthPark Magazine, this gorgeous 5 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom property has an exterior that has to be seen to be believed.

Sitting on almost an acre of fenced-in property, 3511 Providence Manor has an award-winning screened in porch, a massive stone patio, and plenty of grass for the pets and kids to play. What better place to entertain this season?

In addition to the home’s fabulous outdoor amenities, 3511 Providence Manor has a totally updated kitchen, built-in bookcases, huge bedrooms, and even dual staircases! This is a home to build a life in with plenty of room for a growing family.

To tour 3511 Providence Manor Road or find out more about this completely unique South Charlotte property, contact Leigh Bryant at On the Move Charlotte today. 

Little Libraries in Stonehaven Community Bring People Together

South Charlotte Stonehaven Brings Reading to the Forefront

Recently, a large neighborhood in South Charlotte (Stonehaven) has begun a major, internal, shift to get people connected.  A self-formed committee has started a highly visible Facebook page, a current e-newsletter, and most recently a new outdoor trend has started.  Little Libraries.  These are a great way to encourage people to get outside, see new faces, read books you wouldn’t normally read, share books you think people would enjoy reading.  It’s expected that more of these little libraries will pop up in Stonehaven and in other areas of Charlotte soon.  Some of these libraries even have an “upstairs” and a “downstairs” to separate children’s books so that they can also get into the fun of sharing and learning.  Love to see communities start to open up and come away from their computer screens and get outside to be seen in today’s technology environment.  Kudos Stonehaven Community!

Working Mom/Realtor Heads to Dallas!

Every year, our real estate company Keller Williams hosts a Family Reunion for all of the agents who wish to attend and for the second year in a row, this working Mom/Realtor made the trip a priority.  This conference is always in February and it is always around Valentine’s Day beginning on a Saturday and going through a Wednesday.  Being gone over a weekend and half a week around Valentine’s Day is no small feat for a Mom of young children and a working husband.  (He is awesome, by the way, encourages me to go and to grow in my business constantly!  He completely “gets” that my drive in my career and my passion for helping people makes me a better Mom).  So, I got Valentine’s Day treats and snacks and cards done, left the groceries NOT shopped for, packed my bags, left a 2 year old self-proclaimed Mommy’s Boy in his Daddy’s capable hands, kissed and hugged my Kindergartner, and boarded my plane with my KW friends.

This conference is full of helpful classes and hands on technology sessions but it is also full of inspiration.  The first speech I went to was a jam packed room with over 8,000 people in it ready to listen to JR Martinez.  He was the Iraq soldier who was burned over 34% of his body and came back fighting for his life and his spirit.  He found both and then some.  His story was awe-inspiring.  Life is to short to let anything get in your way.  Adapt and Overcome.  Sometimes you are placed outside of your comfort zone by your own choosing or by something else (i.e. a bomb that gets in your way driving down the road).  Adapt to your new surroundings and Overcome by making it a choice to do so.  JR thought his path was to work hard, get an education along the way, but ultimately play Pro Football.  Little did he know his actual path was to become an actor on a daytime series, a motivational speaker, and a winner on Dancing With The Stars!

While I was being inspired on a personal and professional level, my husband was winning Dad of the Year at home with my 2 boys.  It snowed which it rarely does in Charlotte and there was a Dinosaur exhibit in town for the weekend.  Here’s a quick visual of what I missed.

Next on my agenda was Gary Keller’s Vision Speech for not only our company, Keller Williams, but the overall industry nationwide.  I’ll save the highlights and stats for another Blog Post.  Long story short, economy is looking good and we are slowly shifting from Buyer’s Market to Seller’s Market.  Time is prime for both Buyers and Sellers as we are still seeing undervalued home prices, rates are lower then EVER, and inventory is LOW!  Gary is a visionary for sure, scary smart, and funny.  He brought a one office real estate company to Number #1 real estate company in the United States in 30 short years.  Slow and steady, he has set the pace and the bar in our industry.  It’s exciting to be a part of.

Along side all of these speeches I was listening to there were classes on Blogging, Pricing Houses, Language of People, Social Media, helping your clients buy investment properties – I soaked in and took feverish notes on my Ipad.  The click click of the Ipad keys were so  loud there were numerous tweets throughout the event politely asking everyone to turn the clicking OFF in your settings.  KW agents are so nice and polite!  🙂

Next on the speaker agenda was Dave Ramsey giving us his rendition of the 5 more important principles in business.  He is a terrific, transparent, funny, no holds barred speaker.  You’ll laugh, your jaw will drop, you’ll nod your head in enthusiastic agreement, you’ll likely be offended, but you’ll be smarter on the other side of one of his speeches.  Long story short here are his 5 Business Principles that will lead to success in whatever business you are in.

1.  People Matter

2.  An Incredible Team and a Culture of Excellence Matter

3.  Slow and Steady Matters

4.  Financial Principles Matter

5.  A Higher Calling Matters

I knew these in concept already, but hearing them laid out in terms of my business brought it all into perspective.  What I do for my clients matters, deeply.  I don’t take that lightly, never have, but know I have a better focus and more detailed outline on what that really means and how I can serve  my clients and customers on an even higher level.

I picked up a new Seller while I was in Dallas as well a new Buyer.  I had tons of fun with my co-workers and my fellow ALC (Associate Leadership Council) members.  We brainstormed ideas on how to grow a better market center.  I was inspired by the Cultural Ambassadors of our company and I saw firsthand all the good our company does, how much KW gives back to the community.  I may save that for another Blog as well.  You can’t beat KW when it comes to the culture of sharing, compassion, unity, spiritual guidance, and teaching.  For the company and for the journey that I am on in the company, I am grateful.

For my supportive husband and crazy, wonderful kids I am grateful.  For you – my customers and friends – I am grateful!  Now, go have a great day, be nice to everybody you see, smile, and help someone in need!  So glad I took the time to travel to the Keller Williams annual Family Reunion.

Harold Delivers End of Year Stats for Charlotte Area


charlotte end of year stats

Harold Delivers December 2012 Stats and Forecast for 2013