3 Reasons Now is the Time to Sell Your Home in Charlotte

No, really, NOW!

Charlotte is experiencing one of the hottest “seller’s markets” it’s been through in a long time. Buyers are in the market – but there aren’t enough houses to buy! If you’ve been considering selling your home – maybe it’s too big since the kids left home, or maybe you really do want to live in that other neighborhood – now is the time to make the push. Economically, Charlotte sellers are in one of the best positions they’ve been in for years thanks to inventory concerns and rock-bottom mortgage interest rates.

Reason #1: Buyers Have Very Limited Options

Inventory is painfully, woefully low. The inventory of homes for sale in Charlotte is down 17.9% from this time last year for several reasons. Builders can’t build homes fast enough in CLT to keep up with demand, and some individual sellers are trying to “wait out” the market until they think we’ve reached the optimal time to sell. (Hint: Now is that time.)

low inventory charlotte

Reason #2: Sellers Are Getting More of Their Asking Price

Already this year, homes are selling for an average of 5% more than they did in 2015. Sellers are getting about 96.5% of their original listing price, too, which is up nearly 2% over last year. If you’ve been waiting to sell your house until you think the market value is at its highest, now may just be that time.

Reason #3: You Can Time Your Sale

One of the worst parts of selling your home is the unknown. How long will it sit on the market? A month? A year? What about my kids’ school and my job and the holidays? In a seller’s market like Charlotte’s, homes are selling 15% faster in 2016 than they did in 2015, in an average of 78 days (or way less, depending on what neighborhood you’re in.) For sellers, that means more predictability around moving dates, and less dependency on market seasonality.


Ready to sell? Why wouldn’t you be! 
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