Have you made your Charlotte Restaurant Week reservation yet???

This event always sneaks up on me, I don’t know about you.  It’s such a popular event and the reservations go fast, fast, fast.   Arooji’s SouthPark, 131 Main Dilworth, and Sullivan’s are always local favorites of mine.  Where do you like to visit during Charlotte Restaurant Week?

Charlotte Restaurant Week

We Love Happy Clients

Leigh Bryant worked with Mike and Sallie Fitton in 2012.  They needed to up-size as their kids were getting bigger and needed to spread out more.  Living in wonderful Beverly Crest, they didn’t want to leave the area or school district they were currently in.  Roots had been growing, friends had been made, neighborhood grocery store had been picked, habits had been formed, life was good, space was just getting tight.  We listed their home after a Staging Consultation.  Some clutter was moved out, carpets were cleaned, off season clothes were packed in boxes.  The showings began in earnest even in a time of sales being down.  The house looked great and we had lots of interest.  We started looking for their next house shortly after having listed theirs for sale.  We would look at lunchtime, before Mike had to go to work, in evenings, or on weekends.  It was enjoyable to spend time with this family – we had a good time house hunting   We narrowed down our favorite subdivisions, we kept an eye on the market.  We found the perfect house just as we were getting serious interest on our listing.  As luck would have it, we found a home just across Hwy 51 in St. George and guess what?  They needed to downsize!  Now you can guess what else?  We swapped spaces!  We successfully worked through negotiations and pricing on both homes, organized the timing of the close and the move.  Within just a few short months, the family was moved into a larger space.  Mike could comfortable work from home, the kids continued at the same top-notch school, and life is good!  Thanks, Fittons, for a wonderful experience and also for the referrals you send our way!