Stanford Studies Keller Williams’ Unique “Culture”

Culture is a huge piece of the puzzle within the Keller Williams family.

At On the Move Charlotte we’re so proud to be part of an organization that places such importance on employees’ happiness and longevity – you can really feel the difference here. It’s no wonder Keller Williams has so many superlatives under its cap:

  • Largest real estate franchise in the world (over 115,000 employees)
  • Highest sales per office average of any large agency in the country
  • 98% of KW market centers are profitable

All that aside, what really makes Keller Williams special is the culture, as we can attest to firsthand. Among large companies, KW’s cultural model is so renowned the folks at Stanford University have actually studied it three separate times, the most recent of which was just a couple of months ago. So, what were their most interesting findings?

The four cultural practices of KW are critical to the company’s success. These include profit sharing for employees, involvement in decision making, open financial bookkeeping, and extensive leadership and agent training. Not only do these actions set KW apart among real estate firms, they set the company apart among all large corporations.

kw southpark

Not only do the four main tenants of Keller Williams’ philosophy impact what’s it’s like to work here, the incredible people do as well. From the KW Red Day campaign that gives back within the community each year to the national “Family Reunion” conference where we get to catch up with our favorite agents from across the country, we really value the emphasis Keller Williams places on teamwork and interpersonal generosity.


The Stanford study is a great quick read if you’re interested in how company culture affects the bottom line. Click here to read the full report!

And of course, if you want to learn more about working at Keller Williams we’d love to talk to you anytime. Contact us. 



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