Why You Should Visit Open Houses

Get out in your Charlotte neighborhood and visit some open homes!

Did you know that over 45% of all buyers say they visit open houses in their search for a new home? Charlotte has a particularly vibrant open house “scene,” especially in Spring. Buyers in the South are statistically more likely to find a home from an open house than in any other region! Home prices are rising in just about every neighborhood in town – if you’ve considered buying a home in the near future now’s a great time to get out and explore your options. The market is changing quickly!


So, why should you spend your Sunday visiting Charlotte’s open houses?

  • Open houses are a great way to see what’s available on the market in a particular neighborhood
  • Learn what’s reasonable to expect at a certain price point by visiting open houses
  • If you’re a seller, find out more about your “competition” by visiting other homes
  • Haven’t found a broker to work with yet? Open houses are great places to connect with agents




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