We’ve Never Seen Market Stats Like These in Charlotte

Charlotte’s real estate market is officially back.

After a long dormancy following the recession Charlotte’s home sales are booming once again. The seller’s market is the best seen in this area in years, maybe even decades, and there will likely never be a better time to sell your home in Charlotte.

Still don’t believe us? Check out these current market statistics that prove Charlotte real estate is on the move:

Average sales graphs 1-002

From a low in 2009, sales prices are now back at nearly peak levels relative to just a few years ago. Not only are homes selling in Charlotte, they’re selling for more than in years past. Sellers are now getting around 93% of asking price, on average, which is a 2% jump from just two years ago.

Average sales graphs 1-001Another graph that shows how selling prices are on the rise. In two years, the average sales price of a home in Charlotte has risen over 5% which is a nearly unheard of jump. If you’ve been sitting on your home waiting for the right time to sell, rest assured that time is now.

avg sales 2-003

So, why are selling prices rising and will it last? In short, inventory in Charlotte hasn’t been this low in over a decade which is great news for sellers…but will it last? In short, no. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of low inventory levels and capture the ready-to-buy market.

avg sales 2-002

Another graph from showing last month’s inventory levels relative to years’ past highlights the falling inventory levels. There are currently 39% less homes on the market in Charlotte than just two years ago. That’s great news for sellers but these perfect statistics won’t last long as more people decide to sell.

Leigh Bryant, Realtor®

If you’ve been considering selling your home, On the Move Charlotte encourages you to make a move sooner rather than later.

Our team includes both buying and selling experts to help you find your next home while your current home sells (quickly!) Call us today to talk about pricing, marketing, and selling your home.

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