Little Libraries in Stonehaven Community Bring People Together

South Charlotte Stonehaven Brings Reading to the Forefront

Recently, a large neighborhood in South Charlotte (Stonehaven) has begun a major, internal, shift to get people connected.  A self-formed committee has started a highly visible Facebook page, a current e-newsletter, and most recently a new outdoor trend has started.  Little Libraries.  These are a great way to encourage people to get outside, see new faces, read books you wouldn’t normally read, share books you think people would enjoy reading.  It’s expected that more of these little libraries will pop up in Stonehaven and in other areas of Charlotte soon.  Some of these libraries even have an “upstairs” and a “downstairs” to separate children’s books so that they can also get into the fun of sharing and learning.  Love to see communities start to open up and come away from their computer screens and get outside to be seen in today’s technology environment.  Kudos Stonehaven Community!

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