Charlotte Area Property Tax Rates


How much do you know about your property tax rate?

Which North Carolina county you live in and the size of your home are just  few of the factors that help determine your tax rate. In Mecklenburg county, property taxes for the 2014 year are due on September 1st which is coming up quick! (But don’t worry, you have until January to pay them without penalty.)

Your tax rate is liable to change every year, but they usually don’t change quite that often thanks to the red tape involved. Many Charlotte residents were surprised and excited to hear earlier this year that the city plans to meet its $2.1 billion dollar budget without property tax hikes, although the rates went up about 7% last year.

Questions about your area’s specific tax rate? Take a look at this handy property tax chart from one of our preferred lenders, Melissa Messick at Movement Mortgage:

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And of course, give us a call if you’ve got more questions! We can walk you through your own property tax situation and also help you find a home in a more favorable tax district if you prefer.

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