Can You Sell Your Home in 2 Days in This Market? (Answer: Yes.)

red lion 3It’s absolutely essential to put your best foot forward.

We fully intended to show off our new listing at 7013 Red Lion when it went active last week…but two days later it was under contract! It’s a fabulous house to begin with but the owners went above and beyond to make their home more marketable and the effort paid off.

Want to sell your house in a matter of days, not months? Here are a few tips from On the Move Charlotte for making the best impression right off the bat.

red lion 1Tip 1: Stage Your Home

If your home’s not currently occupied like Red Lion you should absolutely stage. Spending a little money to show potential buyers how to use the space goes a long way, particularly if you have rooms or a floor plan that are somewhat ambiguous. If your home’s already got furniture, pare it down! Think clean lines and simple, sparse stuff so buyers can see the bones of your home.

Tip 2: Select a Good Pricing Plan

All to many sellers want to put their home on the market at a price they know is likely unattainable. Their hope is that an interested buyer will “make an offer” and negotiations will ensue but in reality, an incorrect pricing structure may turn off potential buyers before they ever even get a chance to fall in love with your home. It’s crucial to listen to your broker’s advice about pricing your home – they know best what the market will bear and their end goal is the same as yours…to sell your home fast!

red lion 2Tip 3: Professional Photos Are a Must

One of the best things you can do for your home before you put it on the market is to work with your Realtor to have professional photos taken. They’ll present your home in its best light (literally and figuratively), show off the space, and generally make things look clean and organized. Your listing photos are the only first impression you’ll ever get to make!

Tip 4: Plan Thoughtfully

Before your home ever hits the market it’s important to have a plan. It all starts with finding the right listing agent then letting them take the reigns in terms of open houses, your online presences, and how showings and pricing will go. It’s important to have a plan for the long run as well as the short term and stick to it in case emotions or concerns pop up.


Leigh Bryant, Realtor®



Want more tips on how to sell your home quickly? Contact Leigh Bryant, listing specialist at On the Move Charlotte, to talk about your house.

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