Should You Buy a “Furnished” Home?

english tudorHomes being sold fully-furnished are on the rise.

There are lots of good reasons to consider buying a home that’s already been completely furnished. Whether you have the option to take the house with or without furniture is certainly something to consider, but these are a few of the reasons buying a fully-outfitted home makes sense:


1. It doesn’t get more move-in ready.

There’s nothing worse than moving into a new home that takes weeks or even months to feel “complete.” Empty rooms, inappropriate pieces, and under/oversized furniture is almost always an issue when moving from one home to the next. Buying a home furnished means you can unpack the closet and…begin living in your home.

2. You can save a lot of money.

Of course, every homeowner has different taste levels but it can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars between bedrooms, living room, office, and even outdoor space. Often a seller will throw in furniture when they’re particularly interested in selling the home, or even because they’re not particularly attached to the decor. Crunch some numbers to ensure you’re getting a good deal before you place an offer.

3. No more wasting time picking out furniture.

Forget spending months looking for the perfect coffee table for your odd-sized living room. Homes sold as furnished make taking ownership simple and seamless and you already know the furniture fits the room sizes! If you’re not big on decorating, this is a great option.

furniture4. Change has never been easier.

Sick to death of that old couch and dying to get a new dining room table? Buying a pre-furnished home can give you the complete decor change you’re looking for with minimal effort on your part.

5. Second homes and vacation properties need furniture, too.

If you’re purchasing a second (or third) property you intend to use only occasionally, pre-furnished may make a lot of sense. Between the time and money you’ll save buying a whole new house of furniture you can rest assured you’ll have more time to simply enjoy your new property.


Furnished homes can be a great investment. In cases where the furniture isn’t included with the home, ask your Realtor about your options. In some cases, particularly if you have your eye on just a couple of pieces, you can negotiate for furniture to be included in the deal.

Fully furnished homes can be a terrific find but there are always a few things to consider:

  • Is the furniture your style? If you hate the furniture and will have to spend lots of money redoing the home it may not be a great investment.
  • Will the furniture stand the test of time? If it’s really trendy you may end up having to replace many pieces sooner than you planned.
  • What’s included? Just because a home is being sold “furnished” doesn’t necessarily mean the dishes, the trash cans, or the patio umbrella conveys. Get specifics before you buy.
  • Does any of the furniture have warranties? Just like appliances, some furniture may need TLC over time. Ask your broker to find out details.





There are plenty of furnished homes in Charlotte available. Ask the On the Move Charlotte team about their listings currently being sold furnished and about other local properties for sale. 

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