Another Client for Life

It’s true…Love finds you even across the country!  One of my favorite love stories is found right here – introducing Kelly Crosby and Jeremy Long.  These lovebirds knew each other when they were very young and guess how they found each other once they hit their 30’s and were living 3000 miles apart?  Yep, Facebook, another successful Social Media connection turns Storybook!  Kelly was renting a small home with her slew of animals – 2 dogs, 2 cats – when Jeremy moved East Coast.  They needed to find a home of their own and give these furry friends room to roam.  Leigh Bryant hit the road with them, helped them find the right Lender, and then choosing the Park Rd corridor, they found a lovely ranch home with a very large, very natural backyard, and rooms inside that had doors to close off certain areas for the pets.  There was a workshop below for Jeremy to “tinker”, there was a deck surrounded by trees to give privacy for the occasional late night wine drinking, and there was even a stream beyond their fence to explore and view lots of natural wildlife.  True friends were made in this satisfied client.  Another perfect example of our “Client for Life” outlook.  Congratulations on your 1 year wedding anniversary Kelly and Jeremy!

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