6 Surprising Things that Can Make Your Home Harder to Sell

houseYou’re ready to sell…but how long will it take?

Everyone’s heard horror stories about a friend or family member’s house sitting, sitting, sitting on the market for months and years at a time. But how can you predict whether or not your home will take a long time to sell? There are certain factors that may cause your home to languish on the market longer than you want because some features take a special buyer to appreciate! What can you do? Keep these factors in mind when buying your home and when it’s time to sell, make sure you work with a Realtor with lots of experience selling homes in your area.

1. Train Tracks too Close to the House.

Maybe you find train horns soothing, or maybe you didn’t even notice the tracks a block away when you were swooning over the granite countertops. While some buyers won’t mind the noise (or possibly even a traffic-hampering railroad crossing) your house may sit on the market for a while waiting for that special buyer.

pool2. The Pool.

Who doesn’t want a pool!? Well, as it turns out, many buyers aren’t all that interested with the monthly maintenance, the safety ramifications, or the costs that come with a pool, particularly in moderate to cool parts of the country. Many buyers immediately discount a home with a pool if they’ve got young kids or don’t want to spend the $10,000+ to remove it (permit required!)

3. Your 80s Sense of Style.

You’ve heard before that buyers have a hard time looking past design (i.e. paint colors, wallpaper, teal carpeting, etc.) but what you may not realize is what they’re inferring based on your outdated taste. Your old appliances, 80s era stereo set, and old-school box air conditioners might be implying you don’t keep up with your home’s maintenance requirements, or worse.

4. Rental Properties Near By.

Particularly if you live in a popular, walkable neighborhood, you’re likely to have some renters nearby. That may not seem like a big deal to you (especially if the renters are quiet!) but some potential buyers might worry about the potential for peace and quiet, whether or not the landlords will keep up their properties, and how the neighborhood will hold its values.

5. You Don’t Have a Laundry Room.

Maybe you don’t mind bringing in the clothes from downstairs or from the garage. But many buyers turn their wants into musts once they actually start looking. Same goes for things like a garage, lots of closet space, and a patio.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA6. Your Neighbor’s Yard.

Even if you spend ever weekend creating a meticulous oasis in your own yard, buyers are going to notice your neighbors’ yards too. It speaks volumes about your neighborhood if your neighbors aren’t maintaining their properties. Even if it means you have to mow their yard yourself (ask first, of course!) do what you can to spruce up your street before you go on the market.

Is your house taking longer to sell than you anticipated? Maybe it’s time to reconsider your listing price, make some updates, or even find a broker better suited to your needs.

Talk to On the Move Charlotte today about selling your home!

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