4 Things to Know About Selling Your Charlotte Home in Winter

winter houseIn the Winter…really?

Yes, really! There’s a pervasive myth in real estate that Spring is the best time to sell your home. Of course, springtime has its charms: the weather, the leaves, the birds chirping, etc. But for many people the decision to sell isn’t on a flexible time frame, so if you need to sell in the wintertime there are plenty of reasons not to fret. Your Charlotte house CAN and WILL sell in the winter if you set yourself up for success! Step one is, of course, calling On the Move Charlotte to talk about everything from pricing to staging, but you knew that already…

If you’re considering listing your Charlotte home this cold-weather season, read on.

The Stats Support Winter Sales

Contrary to popular belief, homes may actually sell faster in winter than they do in warm weather! Why is this? Inventory is traditionally lower in wintertime and in Charlotte, inventory’s already at historic lows to boot. Some of the big real estate sites recently released statistics regarding cold weather sales and the results are staggering. Redfin found that listing in December, January, or February gave you the best chance of getting an above-ask offer, and listing in February gave you the best chance all year of selling within 90 days. You can’t argue with data.

The Right Listing Price is Critical

This lesson always holds true, but no more so than in winter. The good news is that fewer home shoppers mean more serious, focused buyers. The downside is that if you test the market and list high, you may have a smaller pool of buyers to turn off before you settle on the correct listing price. When spring rolls around and more homes hit the market your once-overpriced home will look stale by comparison, so talk to your Charlotte real estate agent about how to determine the right listing price for your home in winter.

It’s All About Presentation

fireplaceDon’t be scared by wet, gray weather! In the wintertime you’ve got a great opportunity to create a cozy oasis inside your home regardless of the weather outside. Particularly if your house doesn’t get great natural light, use the weather to your advantage. Light a fire, turn on ambient lights, and be sure the driveway and walkways are clear and inviting. If you’re selling around the holidays, be mindful of decorations and pare down your usual trimmings so you won’t create a cluttered effect. And best of all? Some Charlotte homeowners near Uptown find themselves with a peek-a-boo view once the leaves fall off the trees…play that feature up in your listing!

Be a Special Snowflake

One of the inarguable benefits of listing your home in the wintertime is more attention. Shoppers are more likely to pay close attention to the market and open house dates because they know inventory’s limited. Your agents will likely have less listings, too, meaning you’ll get treated to extra time and marketing attention. Listing your home in cold weather creates a sense of urgency in buyers who know there are dozens of others looking at your property simultaneously – use that kind of focus to your advantage.


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Michelle Duyck, Listing Specialist


The key to selling successfully in winter? Work with a trusted Charlotte real estate agent! Our team specializes in Charlotte area listings and we’ll help you nail down the right price, market your property, and get it sold for a price you’re happy with. Call us today to talk shop.


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